The Naira symbol in 100 most used open-source fonts in Naija.

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Bless our hustle
We sabi say you dey run am like this 👉🏾
But oh wrong naw!
So, wetin be the wahala?
You no fit
scale am.
You like suffer? If you decide change font that thing go cast ooo, e no dey scale at all. Think am!
4 seconds mahn!
This na the least amount of time wey e go take to copy and paste Naira symbol from Google!
E be like say we no follow.
Our Naira important like Dollar, Pounds and Euros but e be like say we no follow. O wrong naw!
We dey fix am!
We dey use FontForge modify only open source fonts e.g Google Fonts and assign our Naira symbol to key wey you dey hardly use for your keyboard .
Just tell us font to add!
Soon, this matter go be story.
Give us small time, this matter go be past tense and you no go need worry again. Dey add us for prayer sef ✌🏾
Guys wey dey run am:
Any wahala? Email

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Once we get request wey plenty, we go run sharpaly then email you when e ready to download.

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